About This Blog

Welcome to Crack of the Bat.  My name is Taylor and I will be entering my junior year at Trinity College in Hartford, CT this fall.   I tend to bombard people with baseball stats, and I've been known to constantly stalk ESPN and Yahoo Sports, so I decided to start COTB so I could share my ideas with others and see what other bloggers think about the game.

I've been obsessed with baseball ever since I can remember, attending my first big league game at the Friendly Confines when I was only a few months old.  Being a huge Cubs fan, September and October typically aren't very happy months every year, but I can always hope that next year will be better.

COTB will focus on all baseball, all the time.  I'll slowly but surely get through my all-time team, position by position and I'll post about baseball headlines and news.  If you have any suggestions about COTB content or layout, good baseball sites to check out, etc., shoot me an email at taylor.denson@trincoll.edu. I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.  If you like COTB, be sure to subscribe!