Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday Preview

After a great first day of the 2011 season, the 18 teams who didn't play on Thursday open their seasons on Friday.  Four teams will play their second games of the season (Angels at Royals and Giants at Dodgers).  Here are the match-ups for tomorrow, with each pitcher's 2010 win-loss record and ERA.  Look for the best pitching duel to be between Mariner's ace Felix Hernandez versus young A's stud Trevor Cahill.

Houston Astros at Philadelphia Phillies, 1:05 PM (ET) on ESPN
Pitching match-up: Brett Myers (14-8, 3.14 ERA) vs. Roy Halladay (21-10, 2.44 ERA)

Pittsburgh Pirates at Chicago Cubs, 2:20 PM (ET)
Pitching match-up: Kevin Correia (10-10, 5.40 ERA) vs. Ryan Dempster (15-12, 3.85 ERA)

Chicago White Sox at Indians, 3:05 PM (ET)
Pitching match-up: Mark Buehrle (13-13, 4.28 ERA) vs. Fausto Carmona (13-14, 3.77 ERA)

Boston Red Sox at Texas Rangers, 4:05 PM (ET) on ESPN
Pitching match-up: Jon Lester (19-9, 3.25 ERA) vs. C.J. Wilson (15-8, 3.35 ERA)

Arizona Diamondbacks at Colorado Rockies, 4:10 PM (ET)
Pitching match-up: Ian Kennedy (9-10, 3.80 ERA) vs. Ubaldo Jimenez (19-8, 2.88 ERA)

Minnesota Twins at Toronto Blue Jays, 7:07 PM (ET)
Pitching match-up: Carl Pavano (17-11, 3.75 ERA) vs. Ricky Romero (14-9, 3.73)

New York Mets at Florida Marlins, 7:10 PM (ET)
Pitching match-up: Mike Pelfrey (15-9, 3.66 ERA) vs. Josh Johnson (11-6, 2.30 ERA)

Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays, 7:10 PM (ET)
Pitching match-up: Jeremy Guthrie (11-14, 3.83 ERA) v. David Price (19-6, 2.72 ERA)

Los Angeles Angels at Kansas City, 8:10 PM (ET)
Pitching match-up: Dan Haren (12-12, 3.91 ERA) v. Jeff Francis (4-6, 5.00 ERA)

Seattle Mariners at Oakland Athletics, 10:05 PM (ET)
Pitching match-up: Felix Hernandez (13-12, 2.27 ERA) vs. Trevor Cahill (18-8, 2.97 ERA)

San Francisco Giants at Los Angeles Dodgers, 10:10 PM (ET)
Pitching match-up: Jonathan Sanchez (13-9, 3.07 ERA) vs. Chad Billingsley (12-11, 3.57 ERA)

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