Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ozzie Guillen Leaving White Sox

Ozzie Guillen's tumultuous tenure with the Chicago White Sox has finally come to an end.  Guillen's contract doesn't expire until after the 2012, but he had publicly stated that he would not return without a contract extension.  He met with White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf on Monday and after leaving the meeting with no extension he managed his last game, a 4-3 win over the Blue Jays.  In eight years with the White Sox, Guillen is 678-617.  He led the White Sox to a World Series win in 2005.  Chicago retains the right to be compensated if Guillen takes a new job for the 2012 season.

Guillen is expected to sign a contract with the Marlins to manage next season.  The Marlins are opening a new ballpark, which includes the renaming of the team (Miami Marlins), new uniforms and a new logo.  Guillen was the team's third base coach in 2003, when the Marlins won the World Series.  For the Marlins' sake, hopefully he can get some fans to actually attend games in Miami.  According to sources, Guillen's contract with the Marlins would be for four years.

He could end up being a great fit for Miami (its weird not to say Florida), who has a talented young core that may need a fiery manager to get things going.  As long as he gets Hanley Ramirez to stop underachieving and to mature, the Marlins could be on the right track.  For a city with a large Hispanic population and a team in need of a strong leader, Guillen could be the perfect fit.


  1. I wonder how long his act will play in S. Florida. I'll give it 3-4 years. Personally, I'm very tired of this guy.

  2. I agree his act does get old and annoying after awhile. I think the White Sox should have gotten rid of him before this year.