Thursday, December 9, 2010

With Crawford, Sox Now Team to Beat in AL

Jason Varitek won't have to sit behind the plate and watch Carl Crawford hit next season

After signing free agent outfielder Carl Crawford to a 7 year, $142 million dollar deal, the Red Sox have become the team to beat in the American League.  Yes, that's even if the Yankees sign Cliff Lee.  At the moment, I don't care that the deal may be a terrible one down the line when Crawford gets older.  This past season, Crawford hit .307 with 19 homers, 90 RBI, 110 runs scored and 47 stolen bases.  He also won a Gold Glove playing left field for Tampa Bay.  That's one hell of a player to add to an already stacked line up.

Here is the Sox lineup for next season:
C- Jarrod Saltalamacchia
1B- Adrian Gonzalez
2B- Dustin Pedroia
3B- Kevin Youkilis
SS- Marco Scutaro/Jed Lowrie
LF- Carl Crawford
CF- Jacoby Ellsbury
RF- JD Drew
DH- David Ortiz

Theo Epstein just earned his paycheck. Big time.  For Sox fans who complained about losing Victor Martinez, Epstein counters with Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford and makes the Red Sox line up the best in baseball.  Yes, better than the Yankees.  The Red Sox pitching, which was slightly suspect last season, should be better as well, making the Red Sox (who had some questions coming into the off season) into a juggernaut.  The Yankees have reportedly increased their offer to Cliff Lee already and Yankees GM Brian Cashman is probably not going to have a very good night of sleep.  Again, props to Theo for completely turning the MLB offseason upside down in less than a week.


  1. The Sox are definitely the leader in the East now, although I don't like you putting Ellsbury in CF over Mike Cameron. I could see the Sox trying to move one of those two now and get some help in the pen. Good off-season for them.
    I think the Yankees will do whatever it takes to get Cliff Lee now and I wouldn't be surprised if we hear about them trying to trade for a bat now. I'm not sure whose available that they could use, but my thoughts are a catcher or possibly an outfielder with some more power.

  2. I agree with you that I think the Yankees will land Lee. No one, besides really the Red Sox, have the money to compete with them, and the Sox just spent a ton on Crawford and want to lock up Gonzalez long term as well. In terms of a bat, both the Red Sox and Yankees are looking at Russell Martin to play catcher. We'll see who gets him.