Sunday, March 20, 2011

Peavy Shut Down: Believed To Have Tendinitis

The White Sox shut down starting pitcher Jake Peavy today, who has what is believed to be rotator cuff tendinitis.  He will be re-evaluated in the next 48 hours, but is expected to be placed on the 15-day disabled list to start the season.  So far this Spring, Peavy has a 4.11 ERA in 15.1 innings.  On Saturday, Peavy pitched 5.2 innings against the A's, allowing three runs on seven hits and 83 pitches.

Hopefully, this is just a minor setback in Peavy's comeback from a torn lat muscle he suffered last season.  He only made 17 starts before injuring himself on July 6th.  He was diagnosed with a detached latissimus dorsi muscle, an injury which no pitcher had ever come back from.  In fact, his surgeon had never even performed the surgery needed to repair a completely torn lat muscle.  He was supposed to miss one year, if he even made it back at all.  Before the new diagnosis of tendinitis, he had been on track to open the season on the White Sox 25-man roster.  Hopefully, this injury isn't too significant, as it would be a great story to see Peavy come back strong after his injury in 2010.  The White Sox would love to see him stay healthy for most of the season as well, as Peavy could be a key piece in their possible playoff run.

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