Sunday, July 17, 2011

Check Out These Great Blogs!

Here are a few new blogs that I've found out about over the past few days.  Be sure to check them out, it is definitely worth your time...

Dear: Mr. Fantasy
Written by Chris McBrien, Dear: Mr. Fantasy is perfect for all your fantasy baseball needs.  Also look here for a baseball fun fact of the day.

The On Deck Circle
This is a great blog written by Bill Miller.  He has been blogging for a year and a half and he is a featured writer at MLB Blog Buzz.

Baseball Reflections
Baseball Relections was created by Peter Schiller.  You can find reflections on every MLB team.

Garlic Fries and Baseball
Written by Ronni Redmond, Garlic Fries and Baseball is about general baseball, but you can definitely tell that Ronni's home team is the World Champion Giants.

Ballpark E-Guides 
If anyone needs tips when they're going to the ballpark, check out Kurt Smith's site and grab a Ballpark E-Guide for your stadium!

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