Monday, August 22, 2011

Check Out the LLWS and This Year's Hometown Team

For any die hard baseball fan, the Little League World Series is a great change of pace from watching Major League teams.  There's nothing like watching twelve year old ballplayers in front of thousands of fans - if only I could have played in that kind of atmosphere during little league.

If you haven't kept up with this year's action, the team from Clinton County, Pennsylvania has gotten most of the attention.  They are the first local team to play in the LLWS in years.  The team is located only 30 miles from Williamsport.  They played their district tournament games at Volunteer Stadium in Williamsport and now they're back for the LLWS.  So far, each of the team's three games (including tonight's) has been played at Lamade Stadium, which has permanent seating for 9,000.  The grassy berm beyond the outfield fence has come in handy, as in their first game Clinton County helped to set a new LLWS attendance record when 41,848 people showed up (that number was bigger than 12 of the MLB games played on the same day).  Their next game brought over 30,000 people  to Lamade Stadium and tonight's game apparently has over 30,000 again.  Those numbers are unheard of this early in the tournament.

If you want to tune in and watch some great baseball (where the players aren't in it for millions of dollars), change your channel to ESPN2 or go to and watch Louisiana vs. Pennsylvania, which is currently in the second inning.

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