Monday, August 1, 2011

The Cubs: The Definition of Deadline Losers

Jim Hendry: The look of a misguided man.
Honestly, at this point every Cubs fan should be completely fed up with GM Jim Hendry.  I've been a Cubs fan my entire life and it was depressing to watch the trade deadline come and go with only one move by Hendry. Could you really only get rid of Kosuke Fukudome!  It isn't like the Cubs are anywhere close to contending with the roster they have, so why keep players like Alfonso Soriano, Aramis Ramirez, Carlos Zambrano, Carlos Pena, Reed Johnson, Marlon Byrd Jeff Baker, etc.?  Obviously, no-trade clauses and obscene contracts (THANKS again Jimbo!) prevented some of the bigger names from moving, but HELLO, the only untouchable on the entire roster should be Starlin Castro.

Hendry should have followed the lead of Ed Wade in Houston and really broken up the team.  Sure, Wade didn't necessarily get the best return for Hunter Pence and Michael Bourn, but he sure as hell knew that his team would never win with the current roster, and he tried to start building for the future.  He didn't get great prospects for Bourn, but he landed two mega prospects for Pence (Jonathan Singleton and Jarred Cosart).  Wade probably torpedoed Houston's attendance for the rest of the season, but it was necessary to start moving in the right direction.  Hendry and the Cubs owners, the Ricketts family, should stop worrying about what attendance will be like for the rest of the season.  They needed to start getting rid of players who shouldn't be part of the Cubs long term plans.  As much as seeing Wrigley with empty seats depresses me, it's much worse to know that the Cubs front office stood pat and didn't make enough moves.

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