Friday, November 19, 2010

Expanded Playoffs Equals Terrible Idea

Yeah, so I'm a complete idiot.  You got a problem with that?

Commissioner Bud Selig wants to expand the playoffs for the 2012 season and apparently his idea was met with almost no opposition at this past weeks GM meetings.  Instead of one wildcard team from each league, there would be two.  They would meet in the playoffs to see which team would move on to the division series.  I guess Selig wants to make sure a good team doesn't get robbed of a playoff spot by being in a good division (and more revenue for the MLB wouldn't hurt, would it?), but this is utterly stupid.  Baseball already has problems with postseason TV ratings because the playoffs take so long and this is no remedy to that problem.

Here's a radical idea.  If Selig wants to make sure that the four best teams in each league make the playoffs, then baseball should get rid of divisions all together.  Keep the AL and the NL, but instead of three division winners and one wildcard, the teams with the four best records would make the playoffs from each league.  This allows for a more even schedule, instead of having teams play the other teams in their respective division more than anybody else.  Yes, this would ruin some interdivisional rivalries, but Yankees-Red Sox, Cubs-Cardinals, Dodgers-Giants and others would still survive.

There is probably only about a .5% chance that this will ever happen, as divisions and division races have become a staple of Major League Baseball.  I doubt many owners would agree to back a proposal like this, which means I might as well keep dreaming.  However, if Selig truly cared about making the playoffs better (and revenue wasn't always an issue), he would make sure we could count on always seeing the best teams, instead of expanding the playoffs to make them last longer.

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