Monday, November 15, 2010

This Day in Baseball- Yaz

This is the second post of the day, but definitely worthy of your attention.  On November 15th, 1967 Carl Yastrzemski was named the AL MVP.  He is still the last person to hit for the Triple Crown, finishing the year with a .326 batting average, 44 homers, and 121 RBI.  Considered one of the best Red Sox of all time, in 23 seasons he finished his career with a .285 batting average, 452 homers, and 3419 hits.  The case could be made that he is one of the best outfielders of all time.  Maybe he isn't quite in the class of Ruth, Mays and Aaron, but not many outfielders are.  Its saying something that no one has been able to accomplish what Yaz did, a Triple Crown, in the last 43 years.  Here's a video of Yaz highlights.  Definitely mute the music unless you like Evanescence.  Personally, I'd rather listen to nails on a chalkboard.

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