Monday, November 15, 2010

Sandberg to the Iron Pigs?

So seeing as this is my first post, I might as well let everyone know that I'm a phanatical Chicago Cubs fan.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  This is typically when I'd hear "oh, I'm sorry to hear that" or "ha, wonder when they'll finally win a world series" or even "Cubs suck, but Wrigley sure is nice isn't it?"  Such is life as a Cubs fan.  Your team has one of the biggest following in the big leagues and you get to watch games in the possibly the nicest stadium in all of baseball, yet every year ownership spends a ridiculous amount of money to field a loser.  Again, Wrigley sure is nice isn't it?

A few weeks ago, the Ricketts family made their first big move of their ownership regime, naming former third base coach and interim manager Mike Quade as their new manager for the 2011 season.  Left in the dust was Cubs great Ryne Sandberg, who was considered a strong candidate for the job.  Today, Sandberg was hired as the new manager for the Phillies Triple-A affiliate, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. WAIT... instead of managing in Wrigley Field next year, Sandberg gets to manage at Coca-Cola Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania?  This is an absolute joke.  Sandberg did everything he was asked to do by the Cubs.  The Ricketts family and Quade should have done everything possible to keep Sandberg in the organization.  Yeah, Quade turned the Cubs around enough in the second half to warrant his promotion, but its RYNO! The guy knows the Cubs in and out and he needs to be around.  Here's to hoping that somehow Ryno finds his way back to the Friendly Confines.  If he doesn't, its the Ricketts family's fault and we better not be missing out on something great.

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